Wera 051010 Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set (12 Pieces)


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Wera Kraftform Plus XXL 12-Piece Screwdriver Set WER051010

Superb set of top quality, German made screwdrivers at a great price. There is everything here that a jack-of-all-trades needs.


Features the most popular sizes/types of each range:
Engineers with lasertip - slotted 4 x 100mm, 5.5 x 125 mm and 6.5 x 150 mm.
Phillips: PH1 x 80 mm, PH2 x 100 mm.
Pozi: PZ1 x 80 mm, PZ2 x 100 mm.
VDE with lasertip - slotted 2.5 x 80 mm, 3.5 x 100 mm.
Chiseldriver: slotted 5.5 x 100 mm, 7 x 125 mm.
Voltage tester: slotted 3 x 70 mm.


  • A set of high quality screwdrivers featuring the most popular sizes and types.
  • Handle marking with screw symbol and size.
  • Multi-component handle.
  • Rough Lasertip-drive.
  • Supplied with a hanging rack.

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