Wera Kraftform VDE 7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set


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Wera kraftform vde screwdriver set
Wera screwdrivers of this safety pattern far exceed the requirements of relevant standards regarding strength and torque stability. Safety guarantee , individual testing of the tool for dielectric breakdown strength at 10,000 Voltsin a water bath. 
The handle is of ergonomic design for faster more powerful and less tiring screwdriving action and has anti roll feature.
Set of 7
The Wera Kraftform Vde Screwdriver Set 7 Piece is to my mind an excellent investment for the serious sparky.The screwdriver tips are especially well crafted. I am especially impressed with the pozidriv screwdriver heads which do not cam out after a few uses. More importantly, for the busy electrician they are comfortable even after repetitive use. The small terminal screwdriver has a good sturdy feel to it allowing for tight clamping of terminal screws with no damage to the screw head. The small tester screwdriver is not of the same quality and is probably only put in as a filler. If you need a good selection of screwdrivers do not be guided by price alone. If you are starting out I suggest that you purchase these along with Knipex pliers, side cutters and perhaps a Knipex wire stripper and you have the basis of a first class tool kit.

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